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A basic principle in motion to consider is that efficiency begets speed. The more parameters we have to measure our efficiency, the more dialed in and creative we can be to make improvements. The Finis Tempo Trainer with it's two separate modes can be used as a valuable tool by actually sliding a coach underneath a swimmer's cap.

Masters swimming provides the widest baseline possible in a given practice session over any other type of swim program, but also the highest degree of inquisitive thinking when in comes to self improvement. The Tempo Trainer feeds that curiosity in ways that provide the type of information and feedback that might very well be overlooked if left to a single coach overseeing a multitude of swimmers in multiple lanes. With the use of the Tempo Trainers, each swimmer can be held accountable to stroke rates and intervals, ensuring a higher level of focus. (150)

One set we will use the Tempo Trainers for is a set of 6 X 100 using a moderate interval send-off. The goal is to try and descend the first three 100's without increasing the stroke tempo, forcing the swimmers to find additional speed through increased pulling power, Better walls, or increased kicking.

The last three 100's we will continue to descend from the first three while using a faster stroke tempo per 100, but doing do without increasing our stroke count, ensuring that we do not add strokes to add speed.

A couple of creative ways to use the Trainers is to add either stroke tempo or pace mode to your pre-race/meet visualization, just again increasing the focus through a different component. With high school swimmers, I would sometimes play Clap -Jump-Dive. Setting the Trainer to chirp about every10-15 sec, on the first chirp they clap their hands as quickly as possible from a relaxed state. The second chirp they would do a vertical jump from a start position. Then climb up on the blocks and execute a fast start on the third chirp. A great way to get some reaction time focus, (350)

The Finis Tempo Trainer is only limited by the imagination of the coach or swimmer using it. From incorporating race pace tempos from race videos into actual training sets, to simplifying complicated interval send-offs, it would be very difficult to find such a numbers-minded, enthusiastic assistant coach for about $40.00 a year and no healthcare plan.

Source: Kerry O'Brien - Walnut Creek Masters

Link: http://www.finisinc.com