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Stroke Analysis - Pool Instructions Publish Date: 06-30-11
Swimming Smart Stroke Analysis Pool Instructions 1. Decide what you want to analyze. How many strokes do you want to analyze? Once you decide, here are some guidelines for getting some good video for analysis. When you send your video you must write a note with your return address that lets me know what you want me to analyze more specifically. 2. Above water filming from the side. For each stroke you want to analyze, you need to swim 2 x 25's. Camera person will stand in the middle of the pool and follow you only with the camera as you swim the length of the pool and back. 3. Above water filming from the front. I also need you to video each stroke you want to analyze swimming toward the camera. Have the person with the camera stand in front of the black line to video tape. There is no need to zoom, just keep the swimmer in the frame for the entire length. I need to see several breaths and breathing on both sides with freestyle. 4. Underwater Filming If you have access to an underwater camera, repeat the above step 2 and 3 in addition to the above water filming. Underwater filming provides very useful information for a more in depth analysis. Formats I will accept VHS or mini-DV formats.

Should I swim fast or slow for the video? You should swim at the speed that you would like to be critiqued at. Swimming too slow may be more like posing for the camera. Show me what your stroke really looks like! Where to send your videos Total Fitness/Swimming Smart Video Analysis 15128 E. Louisiana Dr. C-203 Aurora, CO 80012

Source: Coach Moe McGarity

Link: swimmingsmart.com