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  "Yes, I am having fun and learning a lot"

I have been working with Coach Moe for a year now at the Colorado Athletic Club Denver Tech Center.

Last year I celebrated my 60th birthday in her class. I've been a swimmer all my life, but never a serious competitor.

I just love to swim. More than anything else, swimming relaxes me. However, after a serious knee injury and surgery, I was reluctant to pick up swimming again at my age.

I was enjoying water walking, but I really missed the swimming. Now, thanks to Moe, I'm learning how to swim better and enjoying it more. One of the many things I've learned from Coach Moe is a better understanding of the body mechanics of my stroke.

This awareness and my continued effort to apply Coach Moe's lessons and drills have enabled me to increase my endurance, as well as improve my style.

One of the many things I love about Coach Moe is her persistence. While she understands the individual assets of swimmers extremely well, she also knows that everyone likes to be encouraged and complimented, in addition to being pushed to work hard.

As a teacher myself, I am so impressed with Coach Moe's ability to work with a large group of swimmers, all at different levels, and challenge each of us within our own individual ability to perform.

Coach Moe believes in getting each student to achieve their best, but she also knows how to get you to relax and enjoy the workout. She often asks 

Are you having fun?

I can honestly say, Yes, I'm having fun and learning a lot!

Review Date: 04-28-11

Author: Gayle Abe

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