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Age -group swimmer testimonial by Kevin's mom

Have you ever heard the phrase practice makes permanent? Well, believe it! After three years of competitive swimming on a USS swim team, Kevin, (now 11 years old) had developed a prominent wiggle in his freestyle stroke. The wiggle was so strong that he appeared to be swimming in place at times!

My husband and I realized that the wiggle problem was not going to be corrected during swim team practice, where Kevin was swimming literally thousands and thousands of yards incorrectly. Swim practice had cemented the stroke problem permanently. Kevin's well-meaning swim team coaches truly wanted to address the stroke problem, but they did not have the correct solution to the problem, nor did they have the time in a practice environment to work on such a significant stroke problem. At the start of his 4th year of competitive swimming, Kevin began private swim lessons with Coach Moe.

The results were amazing!!

Coach Moe patiently taught Kevin to swim freestyle correctly, to swim smarter, and to balance his body. In fact, she taught Kevin proper technique in all four strokes! Because she is a very detailed teacher, with great patience, Coach Moe simply would not allow Kevin to swim incorrectly. All of Kevin's strokes dramatically improved under Coach Moe's instruction. Kevin's swimming is now smooth, strong and looks effortless. By the way, my son qualified for JOs that swim season! We are very grateful for Coach Moe! She loves everything about the sport of swimming, and she is a passionate, skilled coach.

Review Date: 09-24-10

Author: Kevin's mom

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